Nourish & Vitalise Dehydrated Skin

Face Toner
100 ml
Nourish and vitalise dehydrated skin with a specifically selected mixture of oils, vitamins and raw ingredients.
Gently tones and refines skin. Purifies without drying. Restores hydration and regulates. Nourishes with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other elements.
Dehydrated skin.

NOURISH & VITALISE: Your skin craves moisture. This nourishing and revitalising alcohol-free facial toner gently tones and refines dehydrated skin without drying it out. By balancing the power of geranium floral water, it regulates oil product

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Nourish & Vitalise Dehydrated Skin

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How, when to use?

You&Oil Skincare Essentials are highly concentrated with active ingredients, vitamins, and organic plants. Specifically selected essential oils provide food for the skin and are designed to fit each specific skin type for maximum results.
Apply tonic to washed skin in the morning and evening.
For more information on how to pick the most suitable skincare product and its use, please watch this video.
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  1. Bala
    Skin type  
    Mature skin
    Age range  
    I love it!

    I spray this tonic on my skin before I go to bed and pairing it with a moisturizer helps get the most out of it.

  2. Kirby
    Skin type  
    Combination skin
    Age range  
    Most gentle toner

    This is legit the most gentle toner I’ve used on my face in a while.

  3. Dale
    Skin type  
    Combination skin
    Age range  
    Everything and then some

    This toner is everything and then some. My face is flawless and even throughout.

  4. Hayley
    Skin type  
    Problematic skin
    Age range  
    Feels so good

    Spraying this toner onto a clean face feels so good you just wanna live in that moment.

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Nourish & Vitalise Dehydrated Skin
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Nourish & Vitalise Dehydrated Skin



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Part of Skincare Essentials line

SKIN IS ALIVE. You&Oil Skincare Essentials line features a wide range of fundamental products, carefully designed for each specific skin type. Specifically selected essential oils provide the essential food for skin so it remains elastic, bright and lively of the longest possible time. Highly concentrated with active ingredients of organic plants, each product is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, active ingredients that penetrate deeper layers of the skin and essential membranes for the synthesis of epidermal lipids and phospholipids. These compositions regulate vital skin processes and allow it to retain moisture, thereby slowing down it’s aging. Create a nourishing relationship with your skin!

It is a great pleasure for us to work with You&Oil brand. The brand arrived in Brazil in 2019 and it is a great success already! We love You&Oil products and we trust the high quality and efficacy of them all. We thank You&Oil for having products with such nourishing ingredients! Kisses
Ananda Boschilia e Santos, Partner and Director
Biouté, Brazil
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