Essential oils. No magic, only science and passion.

We're experts in essential oils. And we love it!

The essence of the You & Oil brand is a nurturing relationship. You & Oil develops skin and hair care products only from organic plant and essential oils and plant extracts, whose bioactive power has been scientifically proven. Also – bioactive mixtures of essential oils “You & Oil KI”, which stimulate the body’s powers to restore health. Everything we make is based on oil extracts or essential oils. To be more exact – their blends.

We combine essential oils with science to heal you.
We strictly follow green manufacturing principles.
You&Oil is made from certified organic raw materials.
95% of the packaging is plastic-free.
Headquartered in an energetically sustainable building complex, certified by ISO.

When Science Is In Dialog With Needs

From cell to a droplet. We are changing our approach to skin and health care, incorporating both dialogues with scientists and natural intuition into the recipes of the tools in choosing what nourishes and strengthens us. Each product is born out of actual need, curiosity and scientific proof. Our own in-house laboratory is where scientists look into the problems of each and every one of us, and then come up with award-winning, innovative ideas, that prove to be effective for all types of skin and loved in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Our laboratory

Magic happens here. Except it is all just science and hard work.

Every single You&Oil creation is born at our own laboratory in Vilnius, Lithuania. This is a magic place, full of life-loving experts working hard to solve the complex beauty and wellness problems and help create nourishing relationships between you and your skin. You & Oil is the first brand in Lithuania whose products have the right to use the international Ecocert brand. Ecocert is one of the world’s largest certification organizations for organic products, covering food, farming, household, textile and cosmetics. Also, all our skin and hair care products and bioactive mixtures of essential oils for health comply with the standards of the notification procedure for cosmetic products and good manufacturing practice (EC No. 1223/2009 and LST EN ISO 22716: 2008).

We create innovatively. Not only do we offer a conceptually different approach to skin and health care, but we also base our activities on relevant innovations. In cooperation with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) and the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Technology of the Lithuanian Center for Agrarian and Forest Sciences, we studied quince growing in Lithuania and included quince seed oil, essential oil, extract, hydrolate and enzymes in the International List of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). We discovered the potential of these active ingredients to treat acne and acne-prone skin scars, and as early as 2016. in the spring, we will introduce a line of skin care products based on these discoveries. MITA included it among the twenty most promising prototypes from Lithuania.

ISO certified In-House laboratory located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our science team

Julijana Cosmetic Formulator
Sandra Head Chemist
Jolanta Quality manager
Erikas Production Manager


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